These Are the 2022 TikTok Beauty Trends That Will Still Have Legs in 2023

Beauty trends will always be fleeting—but none are more fleeting than TikTok beauty trendsTikTok beauty trends come and go so quickly that it feels like whiplash. Unlike other beauty trends, they can often feel like a very specific moment in time—they'll trend for a couple weeks before burning out completely. 

Although there are many trends from 2022 that won't make the cut for 2023, there are a few with staying power. Below, see the trends that originated on TikTok that we anticipate will keep going strong in the new year. 

Skin Cycling


(Image credit: @claire_most)

Skin cycling is one viral beauty trend that derms have gotten behind. The idea is to help ensure your skin barrier is healthy by only using actives on certain days. To try skin cycling at home, you'll exfoliate one night, use retinol the next night, and then take two nights off from active ingredients to give your skin a break. 

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"Glazed Donut" Nails


(Image credit: @HAILEYBIEBER)

Yes, Hailey Bieber's sparkly nails will continue to be all the rage. In a salon, you’ll ask for sheer milky-white nail polish with chrome powder on top, but at home, you can achieve the trend with a sheer chrome polish. 

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Siren Eyes


(Image credit: @MEGANFOX)

Don't worry, you can keep channeling your inner '90s supermodel with this sultry eye makeup trend because it will keep going long into 2023. This mix between a smoky eye and cat eye makes eyes look elongated.

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Doe Eyes


(Image credit: @SYDNEY_SWEENEY)

If siren eyes aren't really your thing, you're in luck: Doe eyes, siren eyes' sweet counterpart, is still majorly trending. This makeup look makes you appear wide-eyed by using makeup to highlight your eyes, particularly by rimming your waterline with white pencil. 

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