I'm a TikTok Lurker—These 18 Beauty Gems Have "Viral" Written All Over Them

The great thing about being a beauty editor is that I know about products before they launch. Of course, I have to keep them a secret until their launch date, but I’m always looking for patterns when I hear news of new launches—whether that’s an ingredient that keeps cropping up, a formulation that’s taking off, or a new innovation altogether. 

When 2022 first started, I had my eye out for trends. Last year, we saw tons of notable products blow up on TikTok—like the KVD Good Apple Foundation, Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Flawless Filter, and Dior’s Backstage Rosy Glow Blush, to name a few. While it’s difficult to know what products are going to shoot to meteoric fame, I can spot the good candidates for internet virality when I see them.

I enlisted the help of my fellow beauty editors, Shawna Hudson and Erin Jahns, to sift through all of the products that we’re excited about and figure out what we think will become TikTok famous this year. Keep reading to find our predictions, and when you have the next viral product before anyone else, you can tell your friends that it’s because a beauty editor let you in on it.

Most of the products on this list are new launches, but a few are gems that we think missed their 15 minutes of fame and deserve it. 

Trending: Barrier Repair

One thing that's abundantly clear? Chemical exfoliants and harsh skincare products are taking a backseat to products that help heal the skin barrier. Look out for products packed with ceramides, fatty acids, and glycerin. 

"Byoma is all barrier-protecting skincare products for around $15 at Target. The mist and hydrating serum especially have changed my skin for the better, fast."—Erin Jahns

"It's the most advanced technology yet, called immortal siren (inspired by the immortal jellyfish), and everyone’s talking about it."—Jahns

Trending: Juicy Lips

As far as we're concerned, you can leave ultra-matte lip formulas in 2016 where they belong. It's all about shiny, kissable lips, and the tinted balms, oils, and sticks that make them happen. 

"Sisley Paris’s New Photo Rouge Shine Lipsticks are the best of all worlds and I’m obsessed. I've been told multiple times my lips 'look juicy' when I wear them."—Jahns

Not to be the resident Caliray spokesperson, but its new Glazed and Infused glosses are one of my new go-to's for juicy lips too.

Trending: High-Tech Mascaras

Listen, for a long time, I think all of us were resigned to the fact that mascara can only do so much. Even if a formula was purportedly "lengthening" or "curling," most mascaras were still limited in what they could really do. Now, mascara launches prove that the category is evolving—so much so that we're pondering if lash extensions might become irrelevant. 

This mascara came out in October, but not enough people are talking about it. I could write a sonnet about the Caliray mascara. I love it.

This mascara somehow makes lashes look natural while giving insane lift and length.

Trending: Innovative Tooth Whitening

Whitening your teeth is an annoying thing to do. We all know that, but we do it anyway because we also all want our teeth to be white. This year, whitening your teeth is going to get easier—streamlined by one product in particular that we're really excited about. 

"Smile Direct Club has these new strips that stick so well and just dissolve in 15 minutes, and they're the best thing I've tried maybe ever. They're magic. I just put them on before I go to bed, and even just one treatment did a lot."—Jahns

It's such a smart and innovative product. I've only used them twice so far and I can already see results. 

Trending: Glassy Highlighters

Highlighters have had their moment, but this season's highlighters are less about sparkle and more about glow—think cream formulas that give skin a glazed-donut finish. You'll especially want one of these in your arsenal for the summer since we think that minimalist no-makeup makeup will continue to trend and glow-boosting highlighters will be a staple.

Milk's new highlighter just makes my face look healthy.

"I'm sad I only just tried the Refy one, because it's good."—Jahns

"I love Refy. The Summer Skin collection is, like, all I use now."—Hudson

Trending: Mess-Free Scalp Exfoliants

Scalp scrubs started gaining momentum last year, but let's be honest, a lot of us weren't using them because of the mess. No one wants to tousle with rinsing micro-exfoliants out of their hair in the shower. Luckily, brands have taken heed and are giving us the gift of chemical scalp exfoliants. 


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Scalp care is going mainstream, and there is a lot of chemical exfoliation going on.

Trending: Exfoliation Bars

Another mess-free exfoliating option, exfoliating body bars are picking up steam. Watch this space, because this category is expanding quickly, and you need to start using one ASAP.


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"I love Glossier's exfoliation bar. Scrubs are too gloopy and messy and never work that well for me."—Jahns

I also love the Soft Services exfoliation bar. Exfoliating bars make so much sense to me. I hate messing with a body scrub, but I love the benefits.

Trending: Skin-Finish Face Makeup

We got a taste of second-skin makeup with the rise of skin tints last year, but this year, brands are showing up and showing out. Innovative new foundations and concealers are making us question whether we've ever even used a good skin product before in our lives. 


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The Good Apple Concealer is like last year's foundation launch—coverage that just keeps on going. I used the tiniest trace amount the other day and I felt like I used too much.


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