9 Fashion Insiders on the #1 Image That Describes Their 2020 Style Vibe

As we step into 2020, we're moving in a new year, yes, but also a brand-new decade. This shift is palpable, and it's easy to see that people are reevaluating their outlook when it comes to all areas of their lives. What do they hope to achieve by the end of the next decade? How do they want to pivot from the decisions of the last one? Sure, these decisions apply to relationships, politics, the environment, and attitudes towards money and travel, but also fashion.

Interested to find out how insiders are approaching fashion moving into 2020, I asked them to share the one image that reflects their style vibe. What I discovered was more than just women who wanted to reinvent their image, but a thoughtful approach to getting dressed that considers everything from sustainability and careful consumption to trend fatigue.

Really, what it boils down to is an interest in crafting a timeless wardrobe that will last a lifetime instead of one that simply relies on chasing trends. This is an outlook I personally identify with, and I look forward to a decade where those attitudes are championed by my peers in the industry. Go on to see how fashion insiders are approaching style for the year ahead.

Kerry Pieri, Digital Fashion Director, Harper's Bazaar

Khaite S/S 20 Runway Show


Courtesy of Khaite

"This Khaite spring look perfectly embodies my 2020 self: a modern, minimal hippie who isn't afraid of a little bling. I want pieces made from natural fabrics that are sourced sustainably like cotton, linen, and even real leather. I'm also happy to get them vintage or from shopping my own closet, of course. It's perfect travel gear too because #manifesting."

Victoria Berezhna, Journalist

Gwyneth Paltrow filming A Perfect Murder in 1997


Getty Images/Ron Galella, Ltd.

"Gwyneth Paltrow in 1997 is my entire mood for 2020—she looks chic, rich, minimal, and understated. Having grown tired of fast-fashion and trends in general, I'm aiming to save up for hero pieces that will last for years—think pieces in tonal hues from Joseph, Gabriela Hearst, or The Row."

Nicole Eshaghpour, Senior Market Editor, Who What Wear

Givenchy S/S 20 Runway Show


Getty Images/Dominique Charriau

"This is obviously my aspirational vibe because I am neither an 18-year-old model nor do I own or have the guts to wear this Givenchy look, but it doesn't hurt to dream, right? I love all the trends happening here so much. The '90s minimalism, the bra top, the satin, the leather, the straight-toe on the shoes… I plan to incorporate these all into my 2020 wardrobe ASAP (maybe with a jacket on top, though)."

Angela Fink, Creative Director

Christian Slater at LAX, December 1994


Getty Images/Ron Galella

"The year 2020 is all about a radical deep cleaning of the mind and materials. 'Consumption' is the keyword—2020 vibes are heading into the new decade with a smile just like our friend Christian Slater in 1994, walking in with confidence and joy. I will be thinking about investing in long-term pieces that you can wear for the next decade as well as buying pre-loved items when I can or raiding my dad's closet for all his winter coats."

Loewe S/S 20 Runway Show


Getty Images/Victor Virgile

"Loewe's S/S 20 collection epitomized all the things I want my wardrobe to be this year—timeless, seasonless, eclectic, classic, and playful all at the same time. I don’t want to bulk my wardrobe out for the sake of it—we can no longer afford to have that attitude—but want to add only pieces that enrich what I already have, whether vintage or new-season. The mix of classic silhouettes, beautiful embroidery, and interesting styling is exactly how I want to refine my own wardrobe.

"I adore the William Vintage collection—it all feels incredibly relevant and new yet are some of the most iconic pieces you can have, and this jumpsuit is the perfect example (I'll add a waist belt with a gold clasp for a personal touch)."

Fong Min Liao, Artist

Prada S/S 95 Runway Show


Getty Images/Guy Marineau

"My style vibe for 2020 is a refined version of the things I already love. Minimalism, neutral color tones, beautiful tailoring, elegant details, and high-quality fabrics. This year, I am focusing on truly building a wardrobe that will last me a lifetime. I know what silhouettes fit me best and I stick to them while playing around with the mentioned variables. This image from Prada S/S 95 sums up my ideal outfit for any day. It's chic, super sexy, and completely elegant at the same time."

Stella Simona, Co-Founder, Amarilo Jewelry and Haati Chai Jewelry

A Guest at New York Fashion Week, September 2019


Getty Images/Daniel Zuchnik

"I'm all about a powerful, effortlessly sexy look. I really love something that pays homage to the '90s. Being that it's the start of 2020, I wanted to share a timeless look that you can never go wrong with: a well-fitted suit paired with a good bra top."

Bella Thomas, Model

Julia Pelipas at Paris Fashion Week, October 2019


Getty Images/Edward Berthelot

"I love a strong look that remains effortlessly cool and comfortable. In 2020, I want to be more myself—I don't want what I wear to outshine who I am or to distract. It's easy to get caught up in the trends and hype. My 2020 style will be authentic, elegant, and sophisticated."

Jordan Santos, Social Media Freelancer

Nanushka P/F 20 Collection


Courtesy of Nanushka

"I'm all about timeless comfort this year. I really want to be and feel myself more than ever in 2020 and have that transcend for many years to come."