It's Official: There's a New Ankle Boot Trend in Town

Photo: Collage Vintage

We are always always on the hunt for a new ankle boot trend because, to put it frankly, boots are a fashion girl's best friend. They are comfortable, relevant no matter the season, and can easily be dressed up or down for the various occasions that flood your schedule. So are you ready for the latest and greatest in the world of ankle boots? For yet another style to add to your practical shoe arsenal? (Drumroll please.) Enter cone heels. Initially, the oddly shaped heel detail might seem minor, but when the style is actually on your foot, it creates a shape that is extremely forward. 

We love this cone heel ankle boot trend for many reasons. One reason is that it is the perfect mixture of a block heel and a stiletto. You are getting the support of a block heel while simultaneously receiving the sleek look of a skinny stiletto. The second is that the heel shape is downright striking. How often do you come across a shoe with something resembling the chicest ice cream cone you've ever seen? My guess is rarely. And the third reason we are on board with this trend is because chances are that your boot collection is just as extensive as ours is, so any new style we can add to the bootie family is a style worth buying. While the new trend might take some getting used to at first, we are confident that after taking a look at some of our favorite pairs, you'll be quickly convinced. 

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