These Trends From 13 Going on 30 Are Still "Flirty and Thriving"


Everett Collection

Fashion and nostalgia go hand in hand, as we've proven time and time again. You'll often find us placing bets on what Blair Waldorf would wear if Gossip Girl aired in 2018 or taking another look at Britney Spears's character in the 2002 movie Crossroads. I firmly believe that some of the best fashion can be found in throwback movies. Take 13 Going on 30, for example. When the 2004 film was first released, I remember looking up to Jennifer Garner's character as potentially the Carrie Bradshaw of the movie (coincidentally, Sex and the City's final episode aired the same year).

Jenna was an editor at a major NYC fashion magazine, lived in a gorgeous apartment, and wore a ton of clothes I thought were It. I went to rewatch the film recently, and while I found some of the fashion to be pretty out-there (see her crystal butterfly necklace), I was surprised to discover that her wardrobe was actually much more 2018 than I could have predicted.

Since the timeline flip-flops between 30-year-old Jenna's early-'00s reality and her '80s teenage years, the movie's filled with nostalgic trends from both time periods. Think baguette bags and slip dresses but also bold colors and fun scrunchies. Ahead see which trends from the movie are definitely still "flirty and thriving."