This Is What Fashion Girls Wear to Baby Showers

Kristen Nichols

If you've received an invite in the mail covered with pastel-colored farm animals, a baby shower is likely in your future. Spring seems to be the unofficial season for them, and if you're heading to one anytime soon, you're probably wondering what to wear. There are no hard rules like there are with weddings, where white is off-limits, but it can still be tricky to find the perfect dress.

For a little guidance, we enlisted the help of cool fashion girls who filled us in on the styles they always wear. Everything from striped shirt dresses to floral off-the-shoulder silhouettes made the cut—and even jumpsuits for the dress averse. Whether you're headed to a festive garden party or brunch, you're sure to find some outfit inspiration.

Keep reading to see baby shower dresses handpicked by some of our favorite fashion girls.

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