These Are the New It Shoes to Wear With Leggings

Allyson Payer

Splash News

It's a legging-friendly world we're living in, no matter what the season. And since we're well into spring, you've probably been contemplating what shoes to wear with your leggings now through summer (aside from sneakers, because duh), since your UGGs are currently in hibernation. Well, we're here to report that your search for shoes to wear with leggings this summer can cease, as celeb-favorite activewear brand Alo (the starters of that controversial new legging trend we reported on), just released a pair of $98 shoes that were made to be worn with its myriad of legging styles (or any other brand's leggings, for that matter). The sandals are a sporty leather pool slide with soft, comfy rubber soles, fleece lining, and the brands simple, minimal logo embossed on the strap.

Throw them on to run errands, to and from yoga or spin, or anywhere else you please. You don't even have to wear them with leggings—but as you'll see below, you're going to want to. They're a match made in athleisure heaven.

Shop Alo's The It Slide below, along with cool leggings to pair them with.

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