Zazie Beetz Feels Beautiful Every Damn Day Thanks to These 5 Beauty Tips

Zazie Beetz Feels Beautiful Every Damn Day Thanks to These 5 Beauty Hacks


Courtesy of True Botanicals

Zazie Beetz is having a moment. Not only has the Emmy-nominated actress wowed us with her performance in FX's Atlanta and on the big screen in Joker, but her red carpet fashion and beauty looks have been some of our favorites of late. Whether she's wearing oversize box-braids or a bold metallic eye, Beetz (who was also Who What Wear's October cover star) doesn't ever seem to miss a beat on the step-and-repeat.

Outside of her glamorous Hollywood appearances, though, the actress isn't afraid to speak up about her commitment to pursuing a more eco-conscious lifestyle. Considering her minimalist approach to off-duty beauty, Beetz's recent partnership with nontoxic skincare brand True Botanicals is totally on brand. Along with fellow actors Laura Dern and Olivia Wilde, Beetz started working with the clean beauty disruptor as part of its Truth Revealed campaign, which aims to empower consumers with information on the importance of purity and potency in their products.

"I loved their approach to caring for the environment and sourcing sustainable, nontoxic ingredients," Beetz tells Who What Wear. Aside from her favorite True Botanicals product, the Clear Pure Radiance Oil, ($110), the entire range appeals to Beetz. "I feel like what they're creating really falls in line with what I believe in," she said. "Companies should approach their businesses thinking of the environment and thinking of the consumer. That's the direction our beauty industry should move in."

When it comes to removing toxic elements from her beauty routine, Beetz is just as concerned with the behaviors that lead to unhealthy self-image as she is adamant about avoiding harmful chemicals that turn up over and over in our products. We interviewed the actress to get her perspective on all things beauty, skincare, self-care, and more. Keep scrolling for her take on eliminating toxic products and practices from the beauty conversation and feeling downright beautiful on her own skin.

Zazie Beetz Beauty Routine


Courtesy of True Botanicals

Tip #1: Love the Skin You're In

"I go makeup-free a lot in my daily life, and I think that comes from a place of needing to be okay with myself at the base of everything. I can play with makeup, and I can play with my hair in different ways, but ultimately, being comfortable alone in a room with myself when I have nothing on is more important. Having that base assuredness allows me to also have more fun with makeup or have more fun with hair because I don't see it as a necessity or feel the need to conceal something."

Tip #2: Don't Be Afraid of Oils



"I love cocoa butter on my skin and my body to moisturize. I also love the True Botanicals Pure Radiance Body Oil. It's so nourishing and great for my skin. I just prefer using oils and oil-based moisturizers rather than lotion. I like how it feels on my skin better."

Tip #3: Let Your Skin Look Like Skin



"For me, it's always important that my skin looks very natural and not too cakey. I honestly prefer to not wear foundation. If I do my own makeup, I usually don't wear it. I tend to break out when I'm on set because I'm wearing makeup 14 hours a day. It's a lot, and you're sweating and doing all this stuff. It's just the perfect storm for that."

Tip #4: Ditch Makeup-Remover Wipes

"I despise makeup-remover wipes. I find them incredibly irritating, and I just don't like them. If my makeup is tough to get off, I just go straight in with oil to wash it off. And that, for me, just breaks everything down."

Tip #5: Remember That Even the Smallest Changes Count

"I'm not 100% clean in any way in my life. I would love to be vegan, zero-waste, and have a zero-carbon footprint, but I don't and I'm not. But I'm trying. I massively reduce my animal consumption. I carry around a fork and knife and a spoon and straw with me everywhere I go to avoid using plastic versions of those things. I always carry a bag with me. I'm trying, but I'm also a human living in today's society, and it is really hard when you're trying to just live your life. I make an effort, and I think it's about everybody kind of making the effort."

Zazie Beetz Non-Toxic Beauty Philosophy


Courtesy of True Botanicals

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