5 Expensive-Looking Trends Fashion People Seem to Be Buying at Zara

Zara is a go-to store for many fashion people. In fact, we recently highlighted the specific pieces a chic New Yorker routinely buys from the retailer. Well, we thought we’d take it even further and showcase some of the key trends style-setters appear to be buying from Zara at the moment. We scrolled through the feeds of some of our favorite follows and pulled out A+ looks that feature Zara items.

While the trends in question certainly run the gamut in terms of style, they’re all quite expensive-looking. Here, we’re talking about pieces with modern tailoring and of-the-moment knitwear that ring in under $70. Keep scrolling to check out the high-end-feeling trends the fashion crowd is embracing at the moment, complete with shopping inspiration.

1. Sweater-Vests

The best sweater vests at Zara



Sweater-vests could be considered a trendy basic at this point because that perfect pick can pair well with a range of outfits. This piece feels high-concept and quite elevated for the season.

2. Modern Tailoring

The best blazers at Zara



Of-the-moment tailoring in slouchier silhouettes can look quite expensive given the polished feel. And yep, there is a smattering of strong options at Zara—from blazers to trousers—that don't cost a fortune.

3. Forward Denim

If you're looking for fashion-forward jeans, consider a sleek pair in a looser or straight-leg style. Many of these cuts look very high-end.

4. Knit Sets

Coordinating knit sets look quite luxe. Whether it's a bra-and-cardigan set or a matching sweater and trousers, the plush nature and fashionable design make the under-$70 pieces look so expensive.

5. Bold Bodysuits

You can't go wrong with elevated basics like bold bodysuits. Pair a high-end-looking style like this (which is under $20) with your go-to pair of jeans or a skirt, and you'll have a posh ensemble.