I Walked 10 Miles in NYC in These Comfy $70 Zara Heels

I usually have a shoe strategy when I’m in New York City for fashion week. I know I’ll be walking a ton attending up to eight shows a day, so I switch up my shoes sometimes even within the same day so blisters don’t have the chance to form, since different shoes irritate the foot in different spots. This past fashion week, I assumed it would be the same and packed at least six pairs of shoes. For the first day, I wore Zara’s 1 1/2–inch Leather High Heel Strappy Sandals ($70). After a few years of street style pics, I’ve learned a little height is a friend to my 5’4” frame. I fell into my hotel bed that night sans blisters.

For the second day, I found myself reaching for them again. Turns out the pink color and barely there straps make them versatile enough to go with practically anything yet a tad more interesting than basic nude shoes. Day three arrived, and I wore them again, clocking 10 miles in the heels over the three days, according to the Health app on my phone. Affordable shoes often have a reputation for being uncomfortable, and I was so pleasantly surprised by this Zara find that I had to share. Scroll down to see my three outfits and shop the shoes.

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