Everyone's Talking About How Good These Zara Jackets Are

Zara is hitting its peak right now. Although I always keep tabs on its summer collection, it's during autumn and winter that the brand truly comes into its own. At least that's what I think, anyway. As soon as the temperatures even think about dipping, Zara is already primed and prepped, tempting us with new knitwear, boots and layering pieces. However, the category that it truly excels in is outerwear—specifically jackets. 


(Image credit: COURTESY OF ZARA)

Zara has a knack for creating affordable pieces with high-end flair, and its jackets sit at the top of its expensive-looking offering. Quick to be picked up by influencers and editors, the best of the best never hang around for long. In the last two weeks alone, I can think of three trending Zara jackets that have landed on site only to sell out in a few short hours (a bouclé trucker, a wool bomber, and a scarf jacket which, by some miracle, I managed to get my hands on). Zara jackets are hot property; knowing this, I decided to round up the best of Zara's trending jackets before they inevitably go. 

From cosy textures to new silhouettes, scroll on to see the Zara jacket trends the brand is serving up this season. 





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Maxine Eggenberger
Deputy Editor

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