Zara Has a New Secret Winter Section, and It's So Good

Zara Home winter clothing


Zara Home

A little while back, we discovered a section of Zara no one really knew about—Zara Home. While, yes, Zara Home sells exactly what you would expect it to—home furnishings, décor, and bedding—it also has a secret little loungewear section that sells everything from pajamas and slippers to sweaters and dresses. Intrigued yet? We thought so. Since we typically find ourselves scrolling our way to bankruptcy on Zara's fashion site, we tend to forget about the treasures hiding at Zara Home, but this week, we remembered to check back in with our favorite under-the-radar Zara destination and were overjoyed with what we found.

Currently resting in the comfortable confines of this loungewear section is an array of statement-making winter clothing no other Zara fan will know about (until now, that is). Here, you can find everything from multicolored cardigans to plaid slip dresses, cozy beanies, neon layering turtlenecks, and much more. Ahead, shop our favorite few pieces from the latest winter clothing drop at Zara Home, and be sure to check out the other cool-weather finds just waiting to be discovered in this secret winter wonderland of a shopping site.