The Zara Fall Starter Pack: 6 Pieces to Buy ASAP



Oh, Zara, why do you do this to us? Just when we're feeling in control of our lives (and wallets), you throw a wrench in everything. The fast-fashion behemoth just released a fall campaign featuring street style darling and Attico co-founder Giorgia Tordini sporting six key buys for fall. All we can say to you after taking a peek is, "hide your wallet."

From relaxed separates to a romantic minidress to the accessory of the season, the smart sampling from the fall collection runs the gamut of cool options to try in the coming months. The collection sticks to soft, neutral hues and styles that are all about volume, volume, and more volume (hello, '80s). Read on for a break down of the six things from Zara you need to add to your cart immediately (or forever hold your peace). With the new season just around the corner, we're here to wish you happy shopping!