The Evidence Is Clear: These 6 Shoe Trends Are Set for Fashion Stardom

Gearing up for the inevitable cold weather is like preparing for battle—you've got to be well equipped. Arguably, one of the most important categories to be on the lookout for in the midst of a seasonal wardrobe refresh is shoes. From leg-warming boots to cozy flats, it's not an area you want to skip once fall and winter weather rears its ugly head. While the runways have provided plenty of interesting takes on which shoes to wear this season, we've noticed six big trends, in particular, we seemingly can't escape. 

Between our feeds and IRL encounters, these six shoe trends are primed for stardom (which, if you're in the market for new seasonal staples, is something you'll likely want to consider). This grouping of rising styles includes everything from simple, pared-down flats à la The Row to statement-making animal prints that virtually go with everything. Keep reading below to check them all out and to get your fall footwear collection in order. 

Minimalist Flats

If there's a shoe style you never have to think twice about, it's minimalist flats. This year, the styles we're noticing are more pared down and sleeker than ever, ditching flashy metal details in favor of simple silhouettes with sumptuous materials like supple suede and leather.

Tall boots have never been "out" per se, but they're making a comeback in a way we can't ignore. Just below the knee seems to be the sweet spot for wearable boots that are both elegant and versatile. Another observation? Creamy, neutral shades of beige are it for fashion folks.



Shearling Shoes

The coziest of the bunch, shearling shoes are in for a big crescendo this fall. You can go easy with it, opting for shearling-lined sandals and mules (like our favorite Who What Wear pair below), or go all in with shearling-covered flats. Right now, these shearling loafers are first up on our shopping checklist. If you're into coordinating accessories, fuzzy shearling bags are also a hot commodity.

Square-Toe Silhouettes

If you love sleek footwear with an edge, look no further than the square toe. This silhouette has been a favorite of the fashion crowd for years now, and it's only getting stronger from here. While super-blunt square-toe shapes are rising, we love the softer take of a slightly rounded edge.


On the more dramatic side of things lies the animal-print trend, and at this point, it's fair to consider this a full-fledge neutral. It's pretty much a consistent player when it comes to fall trends, so you can be sure that whichever pair your buy will feel fresh season after season.

 Gorpy Sandals



It may sound counterintuitive to be focusing on sandals so late in the season, but gorpy sandals are still a big factor when it comes to fall trends. Lately, we've been noticing them mixed with heavier jackets and maxi skirts as a transitional piece to segue into fall. To make them adaptable to the cooler weather, go for rich fabrics like black suede or brown croc. And you can always go for a shearling-lined pair to keep things cozy.