5 Shoes You Can Put Away for the Next 6 Months

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Szymon Brzóska/The Style Stalker

We're less than two weeks away from the official start of fall, meaning it's time to prepare for not just a change in weather but in wardrobe. That means organizing your closet, stocking up on basics, choosing trends to invest in, and making room for fall pieces by storing, donating, or selling out-of-season ones. Shoes are an excellent place to start when tidying up: They tend to take up a good deal of space, and are either in season or out. Wondering which shoes you to put away for the next six months, as well which shoes you'll want to keep around? Keep reading for the answers.

Put Away: Slide Sandals
Instead, Wear: Mules

We're starting off with the most obvious of the bunch. Slide sandals don't work for fall and winter temperatures, and they look out of place during those seasons, even in sunny California. Instead, opt for closed-toe mules.

Put Away: Woven Shoes
Instead, Wear: Animal-Print Shoes

Intended for warmer weather, woven materials such as raffia and canvas provide a breathability you simply don't need in the colder months. Like sandals, they look out of place, and you wouldn't want to be caught wearing them in the rain or snow. Instead, opt for animal print, which fits in better with fall and can be found in more durable materials. 

Put Away: Super Strappy Sandals
Instead, Wear: Crystal-Embellished Heels

As much as we loved the super-strappy heels of recent seasons, we're happy to welcome their cold-weather counterparts: crystal-embellished heels. Opt for close-toed versions and you'll feel ready for fall (and winter).

Put Away: Espadrilles
Instead, Wear: Hiking Boots

If there's any shoe style on this list that literally screams summer, it's espadrilles. As such, we'd like to suggest you replace them with shoes that scream fall: of-the-moment, trendy, sensible hiking boots.

Put Away: Pastels
Instead, Wear: Mock Croc and Patent

Last, but not least, we have pastels. While I loved the trend as much as the next girl, it's time to put away your lighter pairs in favor of mock-croc and patent options. If it makes you feel better, just know they'll be much more durable than those lavender suede pumps.

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