When Anyone Asks About My Winter Makeup Looks, I Always Rave About These Items


Charlotte Tilbury

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a sucker for a good makeup tutorial. Be it a 20-minute YouTube video by a professional makeup artist or a 60-second TikTok in a random girl's childhood bedroom, you can always count on me to tune in and admire the artistry. Recently, I noticed that the number of tutorials in my browser history didn't match the number of looks I was re-creating, and I wanted to change that. So I set out to spend more time applying the skills I've learned via my computer screen to my everyday looks. And the only way to achieve that goal was to invest in new makeup products. Okay, maybe that wasn't the only way, but how else could I explain my cart full of Charlotte Tilbury products? This brand truly has it all, from top-rated eye-shadow palettes and contour wands to award-winning moisturizers and limited-edition lip scrubs. These products are bound to leave my skin radiant and hydrated throughout the winter (if you're not convinced, just take a look at the reviews), and I simply can't say no to that. Ready to indulge in some retail therapy and start re-creating some winter makeup looks? Just keep scrolling.

For the Face

For the Lips

For the Eyes

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