What Exactly to Wear on Your Winter Beach Vacation

That first day of winter—around the time we ask ourselves, “When will this cold torture stop?”—is the same day we find ourselves booking the earliest flight to a warm winter vacation destination far away from under 30-degree temperatures. If, like us, you’ve been checking your weather app on the daily, you know that that day is probably around the corner (not the first day of winter; that already happened), and you can’t wait for it to arrive because you already want out. However, with half of your summer belongings in the storage and the other half in the forgotten corner of your closet, it’s hard to envision all the outfits you can wear during that winter vacation.

That’s why today we’re sharing with you all the outfits we had saved in our “Winter Beach Outfits” Instagram collection from those times we were daydreaming during our commute. One thing all of these outfits have in common is that the fewer layers the better—and that we can easily envision ourselves re-creating them with all those spring and summer pieces we ordered during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

From classic cotton and linen pieces to wrap dresses you can easily dress up or down, book your trip and start planning all your winter beach outfits now, because we know we already are. Scroll below for inspo.

Fan away all those calendar reminders and enjoy your vacation. 

Shorts and sandals every day? Yes, please. 

How can we not include a great floral dress? 

Don't forget to pack a pair of comfortable kicks. 

No vacation planned? Take a trip to the beach yourself, but make sure to go covered. 

Say hello to all the great golden-light photo ops. 

Mix prints like there's no tomorrow. 

Keep it classy with cotton and linen pieces.

Dress up your swimwear with a pair of colorful striped pants. 

The brighter the color the better when it comes to dresses.

No shoes? No problem.

Sit back and relax with all your flowy garments. 

Make sure you pack a dress that can go from day to night in an instant. 

And a dress that you can lounge around as well as go to brunch in.

White dresses were meant to be worn on winter beach vacations. 

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