The Real Reason Swimwear Is So Expensive

Is it just us, or do swimwear prices seem to rise with every passing year? Although top-notch suits have never been cheap, data from Lyst shows that today’s most popular brands sell for an average of $263, if not more. This leads us to wonder: Why is swimwear so expensive?

Swimsuits, after all, require a lot less fabric than other clothing items and surely less production time too—right? Well, not quite. As with most things, the answer is complicated, a reality that became clear to us after speaking to experts in the field.

Keep reading to find out what the pros have to say about the cost and production of swimwear, and then shop a few of our favorite sets at the end.

Keep this in mind next time you shop for swimwear.

Opening Image: @shmanishmasia

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.