Fashion Alert! The Who What Wear Shoes Just Dropped

Earlier this year, we launched Who What Wear’s collection a­­t Target with the hopes of filling all the gaps in your wardrobe, including the classic staples you can wear with everything as well as some trend-forward items you’d be excited to incorporate into your looks. Now that we have a few seasons under our belt, we’ve decided what better next step to take than to introduce footwear to our design plan? And what better time to start than during the holidays, when festive shoes are extra important?

Though this is just the beginning of what’s to come with Who What Wear shoes (our full collection launch will hit in spring 2017), scroll down for a look at our complete holiday collection. We’ve covered the bases with amazing ankle boots, stylish flats, and, of course, plenty of drool-worthy heels. Have a look, shop your favorites, and then tell us what shoes you’d like to see designed for you in 2017!