Fashion People Are Obsessed With This Silk Scarf, and We're Giving It Away

When it comes to drumming up reasons to shop, celebrating a birthday is at the tippy top of our lists. So since today is Who What Wear's birthday (our 15th birthday, to be exact), it felt like the perfect time to kick-start some shopping incentives. And yes, gifts are included, but they aren't for us. Instead, they're for everyone who made this year's momentous anniversary possible in the first place. The people who read Who What Wear back when the site featured a single daily story; followed along as we created or incubated Byrdie, MyDomaine, Obsessee, THE/THIRTY, JoyLab, Versed, and Merit; and supported the launch of not one but two clothing lines, Who What Wear x Target and Who What Wear CollectionHint: We're talking about all of you. 

To commemorate our big 1-5, Who What Wear's brands—including Who What Wear Collection, Versed, and Merit—are offering up covetable gift options that can be yours with any purchase over $50 from Who What Wear Collection. Looking for an accessory that already has the fashion crowd's stamp of approval? Choose the brown silk scarf that made the rounds during New York Fashion Week. Attempting to get that just-danced-all-night glow without actually going to the club? (Same.) Versed's Dew Point Moisturizing Gel-Cream is the perfect at-home alternative. If you are a fan of the club, Merit's Shade Slick Lip Oil is the only makeup you need to put on before shimmying out the door. Whatever item you choose, it's on us. Consider it a party favor. 

The catch? To snag one of the above, you do have to go shopping, but we made it worth your while. Starting today, for one week only (ending October 29), everything Who What Wear Collection is 15% off with the code BDAY15. But like any good sale, pieces won't stay in stock for long. Before the Who What Wear Collection items on your wish list sell out, shop our favorites below. And just think: You're only $50 away from a birthday gift, whether you were born today or not. 

Gift Option #1: Who What Wear Collection's 100% Silk Scarf

Who What Wear Collection 100% Silk Scarf Gift


Who What Wear Collection

Spotted on designer and model Jessie Andrews and influencer Grece Ghanem, this chocolate-brown silk scarf is the all-in-one accessory you didn't know you needed. Top, headscarf, neck scarf, belt… You name it—this scarf can be it. 

Grece Ghanem Wearing Who What Wear Collection Scarf



On Grece Ghanem: The Frankie Shop trench coat; Bottega Veneta Jodie Mini Tote ($1900); Who What Wear Collection scarf

Grece Ghanem Wearing Who What Wear Collection Scarf



On Jessie Andrews: Who What Wear Collection scarf; Prada tote bag; Dion Lee Low-Rise Straight-Leg Trousers ($476); Bagatiba Gold Orb Necklace ($220)

Gift Option #2: Merit Shade Slick

Shopping for lip gloss might seem simple, but finding one that goes on smooth, isn't sticky, and complements your complexion can actually be quite a difficult task. It's a good thing, then, that a formula that checks off all three of those boxes could be yours for free. Aren't birthdays the best?

Gift Option #3: Versed Dew Point

There really is nothing better than a dewy glow, especially when it isn't the result of any actual sweating. Luckily, there's Versed's Dew Point gel-cream, which allows you to achieve that damp look sans effort. 

Now, a few of our favorites from Who What Wear Collection to inspire your sale shopping…

You know a fabric is good when all you want to do is reach out and touch it through the screen.

And if you added the matching top to your cart, you might as well go all the way with the pants, too.

Speaking of fashion crowd–approved pieces, this vest and the accompanying blazer and trousers are being spotted everywhere.

But then again, of course they are. The pleats alone are worthy of a 'fit pic. 

And the final piece of the puzzle is… 15% off.

Trust us—you're going to get a lot of questions about this bag, particularly, "Where did you get that?"

Faux leather will always look good in fall—and that's a fact.

Especially if you pair it with this chocolaty button-down.

Knee-high boots are the It boot style for 2021 and beyond.

This bustier is great on its own, but with its midi-length mate, it's pretty much unstoppable. 

For when your regular bra just isn't cutting it. 

If you don't get this cropped tank in the color Dune (pictured here) after watching Dune, do you even like Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya?

Soak in the last seconds of sandal weather while you still can. 

This plissé set is great for your first long plane ride in more than a year—and just about every other occasion, too. 

And a moment of appreciation for the matching pants. 

The same rule applies to this white T-shirt bodysuit, which is the apparel version of black ankle boots.

An obvious option given how many good movies and TV shows are coming out right now. 

And what's a crew-neck without its matching sweatpants?

Just because leather pants for fall aren't groundbreaking doesn't make them any less appealing.

Now this is a dress that can be styled high or low—it all depends on the accessories.

Heading back to work? This blazer and the matching trousers are all you really need.

Feel free to wear these with or without the aforementioned matching blazer.

We can't get enough of ribbed sets, the ultimate in elevated loungewear.