This Is Officially the Biggest Sunglasses Trend Right Now

As the adage goes, thou shalt not wear white after Labor Day. We don’t know about you, but this antiquated rule has never boded well with us. And why should it? Some of our favorite autumn and winter items come in crisp shades of white, and when the color is styled appropriately with the season, we think it’s a year-round neutral.  

So what piece in particular are we addressing today? Sunglasses! Throughout the last few months up until the street style seen during New York Fashion Week, our most beloved editors, bloggers, and celebs have been wearing sunglasses of all shapes and sizes in a radiant shade of white. Not only does it remind us a little of Kurt Cobain, but on the more practical side, we think white sunglasses are the perfect versatile statement accessory to own right now. See below for how to wear them, and shop our picks to get the look!