My Best Friend Asked Me for Engagement Party Outfit Ideas, So I Sent Her These 6


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I'm at that pivotal age where people are making big life choices. While some of my friends are getting married or adopting dogs, I like to spend my nights alone at home, watching TikTok videos on my television with a glass of wine. While I'm not getting married anytime soon, my closest friends have allowed me to partake in one of the best parts of wedding planning: helping them choose what they'll wear for all their wedding-related events.

While shopping for wedding dresses with my newly-engaged best friend has been incredibly exciting, we've both agreed it pales in comparison to how easy and fun it is to shop for her engagement party look. For one, the stakes are nowhere near as high. You can choose a laid-back or on-trend outfit that's often less expensive and less complicated to style. The internet is full of engagement party outfit ideas, but few feel achievable, on-trend, or able to be re-worn for years to come. Naturally, as the fashion editor friend, I've been dropping messages into our group chat about how cute she'd look in one of the 50 different clothing options I've found (get yourself a friend like me). 

Below, I've rounded up six stylish looks to inspire the long list of engagement party outfit ideas that likely live on your Pinterest board. From It girl-approved maxis to suits fashion insiders love, here are a few looks that practically scream 'I do.'

Sleek Suits


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Fashion insiders know the way to create a great timeless shot is to wear a sophisticated two-piece suit. Harper's Bazaar Culture Editor Bianca Betancourt's stunning monochromatic engagement suit is perfect for any bride who loves a traditional all-white look but wants a bit of edge. Plus, who can say no to pockets?

Laid-Back Maxis


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If we've learned anything about bridal style from Sofia Richie Grainge's nuptials, it's that the best engagement party outfit is one you don't have to think too hard about. Her relaxed woven maxi dress is the perfect inspiration if you're looking for something to wear while hosting a sweet garden party to celebrate your love. 

Springtime Florals


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While people get engaged year-round, I can't help but notice that spring and summer are popular seasons for engagements and engagement parties. (Who else can't open Instagram without seeing ring selfies from at least a few people from high school?) There's no better way to celebrate your upcoming wedding than by wearing a seasonally-appropriate flowy dress. You more than likely already have a favorite spring or summer dress in your closet, but if you don't, there are plenty of adorable options at all price points to satisfy your need.

An Edgy Leather Look


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You're not a typical bride. You're a cool bride. And that means a simple white dress won't cut it for your engagement party. My friend is a bit edgier than I am, so I automatically sent her biker-inspired leather pants, minidresses, and blazers to contrast the romantic, delicate nature of traditional bridal wear. 

Satin Slip Dresses


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The internet says your wedding dress should fit you like a glove. But shouldn't your engagement party dress feel equally divine? Slip dresses are a favorite among the fashion crowd for their versatility and timelessness. Play up the drama with a backless silhouette or embroidered details.

Romantic Lace Dresses


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While the internet freaked out about Millie Bobby Brown's engagement to Jake Bongiovi, I was freaking out about her dress. The romantic lace style tops my list as one of my favorite engagement outfits of all time, so I instantly had to send it to my friend when she was looking for ideas on what to wear. 

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