Clueless About What to Wear to a Baptism? These Outfits Are Perfect

Like weddings, baptisms are formal events. However, not that formal. Yes, the dress code can be quite tricky, but it's nothing you can't tackle. Unlike at weddings, there aren't colors you can't wear or too many other traditional you have to be aware of. However, you do want to check with the location of the event and ask the family just in case they have any preferences when it comes to what their guests wear.

Once you have that information, you are more than ready to serve a baptism-friendly look. Think tailored silhouettes, cute sets, monochrome ensembles, and possibly something that you can throw over your shoulders if you'll be in a church. Don't be afraid to add a bit of color, either. Don't worry, though. To make figuring out what to wear to a baptism much easier, we've rounded up 15 outfits that will leave you inspired.

You can never go wrong with a floral midi dress. 

Light cotton dresses are ideal when it comes to baptisms since they're so easy to style. 

Same goes for black-and-white dresses, especially if they're embellished. 

For a more casual yet classy look, you can opt for a pair of gingham pants paired with a lace top. 

Or never miss a beat with a head-to-toe black ensemble. 

Keep your outfit easy and breezy by opting for a lovely slip dress with ruffles. 

Make an appropriate statement by sporting a red lace dress. 

Take the tropical shirt trend and elevate it by rocking a tropical shirt-and-skirt set instead of Bermuda shorts.

White dresses are ideal for baptisms, but—location permitting—feel free to switch things up with a pair of statement kicks. 

Keep a cardigan on hand, just in case.

Don't be afraid to add a pop of color to neutral-hued dress.

Just like at weddings, pastel-colored dresses can be worn at baptisms. Bonus fashion points if you style them with red heels. 

What better event to try that new prairie dress you bought?

Off-the-shoulder jumpsuits are another piece that's baptism-approved. Not only do they make styling easier, but they're ultra comfortable. 

Blue monochrome outfit ideas

See what we mean? A jumpsuit in a bold color goes a long way. 

Feel free to RSVP now. This list of options has you covered.

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