Since Moving to L.A. I've Been Hiking Nonstop—See the Cute Pieces I've Collected

New Yorkers like to go to the park to relax, people in Miami like to head to the beach, and Los Angelenos love to hike. And since moving to L.A. over a year ago, I've been hiking like it's my second job. Nothing is more rejuvenating and relaxing than a long (or short) trek away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It gives you time to think and take in the views. Plus, it's a fun, refreshing way to hit that daily goal of 10,000 steps. I'm far from an expert hiker, but I do consider myself an expert in knowing what cute and functional outfits to wear. 

As revitalizing as hiking can be, it can quickly take a wrong turn if you're not properly prepared with all the essential gear (think a water bottle, some sort of navigation, sunscreen, and snacks) or dressed in appropriate attire, the latter of which I'm here to help with today. When it comes to figuring out what to wear hiking, always make comfort and protection from the sun your primary goals. That means a good pair of walking shoes (sneakers or hiking boots are always a safe bet), nonrestrictive and moisture-wicking attire, a baseball cap, and sunglasses are definite musts when piecing together a good outfit.

The below pieces are my definitive essentials when conquering the trails. Whether it's an easy route or a path a little more complex, these will get you through it in the most stylish way possible.

Activewear Sets



Hiking can work up a sweat depending on which trail you take, so in cases of unpredictability, I always like to reach for an exercise set. While super-sleek leggings have their place, I prefer more breathable materials with moisture-wicking properties. 

Shop workout sets:

On doesn't just make cool sneakers.

I love layered shorts as an anti-chafing preventative.

Girlfriend Collective is just that girl (pun intended) when it comes to workout sets.

Don't sleep on Free People's activewear collection—it's so good.

I had to throw some chocolate brown in the mix.

These bottoms fall on the trendy side, so they're practical for activities outside of your hiking sessions.


It's pretty self-evident why proper sneakers are a must before embarking on a trail. Choosing the right pair can make or break the experience.

Shop sneakers:

If looking cute is your main priority.

These are equipped with complex construction to make journeying through the paths a breeze.

These were specifically constructed for explosive movements, so you know they won't fail you.

Not only are Salomon sneakers super trendy for their looks right now, but they're also some of the best technical sneakers on the market.

If you like to jog during your hikes, get these.


Since nighttime hikes are a thing in L.A. and the city is almost like a desert, a warmer option is necessary. Here's where a cool sweatsuit enters the picture. It'll also seamlessly carry you to the after-hike breakfast or brunch.

I'll definitely be wearing this while running errands too.

Emily Oberg's athleisure line just always gets it right when it comes to aesthetics.

For the ultimate in moisture wicking, I love this cool set.

These pants are also cool enough to wear on their own.

Athletic Separates



Dressing in sets certainly saves some time, but I also like to rely on a collection of sporty staples to elevate or add function to an outfit. From jackets to sports bras, these are great pieces to build your athletic wardrobe.

Because no one likes to feel like a puddle of sweat.

Loose shorts really come in clutch during summer hikes.

One and done is the way to go. Plus, the contrasting seams are so cool.

I love a shacket like this to layer over my workout sets for a trendy take.

Not only is this simple sun protection, but it's also a lightweight solution to deal with any unexpected elements.

If I have plans immediately after, I usually throw on nice-looking joggers like these.


The clothing is just one part of dressing up for a successful hike—things like sunglasses, hats, hip bags, and more are equally crucial. Below are a few of my favorites.

Yeah, it's a little fancy, but you can look cute while hiking, right?

For an easier trail, I'll grab a less technical (but more stylish) pair like these. DL Eyewear has some of the best sunglasses right now.

Sun protection that's actually fun to put on.

A cool fact: The material has cooling properties.

Light and compact is always the way to go.