The #1 Question You Should Ask Your Jeweller

Without a doubt, this has to be the most popular time of year to shop for diamonds. Instagram feeds are filled with engagement ring posts and no girl ever met a pair of diamond studs she didn’t love.

In honour of diamond season, we sat down with Sydney jeweller Melissa Harris so you can be armed with all the knowledge you need before you buy that expensive piece of jewellery.

Keep scrolling for the number one question you should ask your jeweller, the biggest trend in engagement rings and what to look for when buying a diamond.

Who What Wear Australia: What do you think the biggest trend in engagement/wedding rings will be in the next few years?

Melissa Harris: I love that there are no rules anymore when it comes to designing engagement rings.  I think more and more women embrace the idea of original and unique designs. There is so much to explore with rustic diamonds and coloured gemstones like cognac diamonds and green sapphires, for those who want alternative engagement ring ideas beyond white gold solitaire diamond rings.

WWW: What should you look for when buying a diamond?

MH: Look for a reputable dealer. A jeweller should have a wealth of knowledge about the four Cs—cut, colour, clarity and carat. Be cautious when buying online. There is no such thing as a cheap diamond and what looks good on a screen may be disappointingly dull in the flesh.

WWW: So what should you always ask your jeweller when making a purchase?

MH: Where is the jewellery made? (To ensure it’s been ethically created.)

What is important to you when shopping for a diamond? Let us know in the comments below!

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