3 Things You Should Never Travel With, Period

Now that we’re officially in the holiday season, it’s only a matter of time until we all jet off to see friends and family to ring in the holidays in the best way possible. But before you start filling your bags with all of those Instagram-worthy outfits (which you know you’ll swap out for more comfortable pieces anyway), take a little time to prepare before you switch on that OOO email, and decide what you really need instead. If you aren’t entirely sure, or simply want some guidelines for what not to pack, no to worry—we’ve got you covered.

To find out the dos and don’ts of packing, we tapped Britt Theodora, a celebrity and editorial stylist who’s nailed the task like a pro (literally), for her expert advice. From knowing what you can keep at home to packing the pieces that’ll work for any occasion while you’re away, scroll down to see what she advises packing for your next vacation below.

Instead of Packing All of Them, Bring 2 Pairs of Jeans

"Never bring too many pairs of jeans. I used to be that girl who packed every shade of denim if I was gone for a week or more, but instead I do a black pair and the perfect blue wash. Both can be worn either day or night. I love these Cotton Citizen jeans because the slit on the side is perfect for when you went to wear fun shoes or your favorite boots. These Levi's are the perfect shade of blue to wear with a crisp button-down or a sexy blouse."

Can't go wrong with these.

Instead of Packing Them, Wear Your Boots

"This is always the trickiest for people when packing, especially when you have to fit them in a carry-on. Instead of packing your boots, wear them when you hit the airport/on the go! I love these Sarah Flint boots because they are super sleek and comfortable for long travel days."

These will go with everything you own.

Instead of Sweatpants and Pajamas, Pack Sleek Joggers

"Never pack a pair of sweatpants and pajamas. If you want to lounge around, these Lunya pants are so comfortable I'd swear they make them with butter."

A step up from your standard sweats.

One of the best purchases you'll make, easily.

Keep this advice on hand, and you'll make your next vacation so much less stressful.

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