What No-One Tells You About Working in Fashion PR

The fashion industry is more than just designers and stylists—there are a range of other roles behind the scenes that helps push the industry forward and keeps all the wheels in motion. One of those roles, is fashion PR. The role of the publicist, is to work closely with either the brand or designer to help propel the label forward, by understanding the brand DNA and messaging, and to promote it to the right audience. New digital destination The Guided recently sat down with publicist Prasana Lee, (who has worked alongside one of our favourite designers Toni Maticevski for the last six years) to learn more about what her role entails, and what PR means today.

Prasana Lee opened up and explained the industry isn’t exactly what it seems, explaining, “I feel that there are many people who want to be in the industry who can only see the “glamorous” side to the job and don’t in fact know or understand that it's much more than just going to events, networking, organising shows, and dressing celebrities”. Adding, “I don’t find those sole elements inspiring. I love my job because it's not just that… what I do starts from a designer who I admire and have so much respect for, who inspires me every day, and who allows me to understand the real essence of what he creates and who he stands for. Then together it’s all about working on unique ideas to excite not only the media but the consumer. So many people forget that at the end of the day past all the cameras and pretty pictures we are all working to connect a brand with the customer—I love the challenge of working on projects which are a true representation of the brand and which inspire the customer who is in store or online.”

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