5 Items Guaranteed to Make You Look More Attractive

When she’s not working with big names like Lupita Nyong’o, Jennifer Hudson, and Hilary Swank, celebrity stylist Micaela Erlanger also divulges her fashion expertise in our Ask a Stylist column. From the best places to source vintage to the secret to finding your most flattering jeans, come back each week for a professional’s perspective.

One of the perks of my job (okay, perhaps the most rewarding part of my job) is helping my clients look and feel their absolute best. Throughout my years as a stylist, I’ve acquired a set of wardrobe skills that I believe every woman should swear by. Whether you’re getting ready for a date or simply looking for a way to boost your confidence, here are the items you should reach for.

Scroll down to see and shop the five pieces guaranteed to make you look more attractive.


You can’t go wrong with a simple dress, period. Whether it’s a silky slip dress or long-sleeve number, a flattering dress with a simple silhouette will never disappoint.


Anything that nips at the waist is going to be a highlight. This silhouette accentuates your waist and provides a feminine shape. 


Though red may seem like an intimidating color to wear, science backs the fact that the bold hue exudes confidence and ultimately makes one come off as more attractive.


Showing collarbone or a little cold shoulder is also a very feminine, subtle, but slightly sultry way to amp up your look. Exposing this dainty part of the body is an elevated alternative to baring a bunch of cleavage or even showing off too much leg.


Another big trick I have is adding a belt. You’re seeing a lot more belts this season anyway, so that is a trick I always share with my clients. A belt is a really easy way to define your waist and add a little punctuation to your outfit.

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Micaela Erlanger
Celebrity Stylist

A self proclaimed “vintage-a-holic, and glamour girl” Micaela’s clients include: Lupita Nyong’o, Michelle Dockery, Meryl Streep, Jared Leto, Common, Jennifer Hudson, Hilary Swank, Tatiana Maslany and John Boyega.The hallmark of Micaela’s work is her meticulous attention to detail and a keen focus on the client’s needs and objectives. With a love for all things beautiful and alluring, coupled with an appreciation of the whimsical, Micaela brings a versatile and fresh approach to styling.