What Do Your Pajamas Say About You?

Are you a satin camisole girl or do you prefer a set of retro PJs? How you dress to catch some ZZZ's is usually how you feel the most comfortable. Hence, sleepwear can provide a surprising amount of insight into someone’s personality. Then again, sometimes a silk teddy is just a silk teddy...

Pajama Set

You grew up worshipping Katharine Hepburn movies and get excited whenever a magazine mentions “androgynous glamour.” You’re also something of an order freak who color-coordinates her wardrobe and takes “matchy-matchy” as a compliment.

J. Crew

Vintage Short-Sleeved Pajama Set ($85) in Navy

Sexy Teddy

Let’s cut to the chase: you enjoy hitting the hay as much as a good roll around in it. Your frisky flag flies 24/7, no bedtime reading of 50 Shades of Grey necessary. Gentleman caller or no, you feel most comfortable feeling sexy. To which we say, go on with your bad self.

Victoria’s Secret

Dream Angels Satin Babydoll ($38-$42) in Black

Cotton Nightgown

Ok, put down the Jane Austen novel and listen up. You’re a delicate flower who still sleeps with stuffed animals and may or may not have a cat with its own Instagram account. But if you ever hope to land your Mr. Darcy, you may want to consider spicing up your sleepwear. (At the very least, show some ankle).

Eileen West

Sleeveless Ballet Nightgown ($64) in White

Vintage T-Shirt and Underwear

You’re exhausted. You get home from a long day that included gridlock traffic, a masochistic spin class, and an aggressive email exchange with Larry from sales, and you can barely make it into bed, let alone coordinate a chic sleep outfit. Don’t worry pal, we’ve all been there.

UCLA Heathered Vintage Joe T-Shirt ($20) in Graphite and Urban Outfitters Daisy Love Boy Short ($8)


You’re a complicated one, all wide-eyed innocence one moment, wry sensuality the next. Frankly, we’re surprised you haven’t ended up on an American Apparel billboard. Also, you apparently don’t need to pee during the night.

Silk Chemise

You’re a glamour puss who dresses to impress even when the lights are out. Chances are you accessorize your nighttime ensemble with a scented sleep mask and some expensive face cream. And you’ve definitely been tempted to buy a pair of those feathered bedroom heels.

Stella McCartney

Selma Dancing Chemise ($210)

Boxer Shorts and a Tank Top

You put a premium on comfort. And if your dude gets annoyed that you often go to bed looking like twinsies, hey, that’s his problem. But with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you might want to up the romance ante. Our suggestion? Throw a heart print into the mix.