Yes, I Wrote 783 Words of Praise About These 5 Fashion Items

I'm going to keep this intro a bit brief, as I have a lot to say individually about the five fashion items that follow. Shopping is kind of my job, but I also just really love it and spend a good amount of time and energy finding cool new things to buy for myself. I love making recommendations based on personal experience, and from time to time, I come across things that are so amazing, I want everyone else to know about them too. That's why I'm personally vouching for these five things that I've been wearing constantly and that I'm not sure how I ever survived without. Feel free to read all 783 words about them or just add them to your cart if it's love at first sight. And just for fun, I included 16 more items that I'm very fond of (because the more shopping the better, right?).

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If you're not yet familiar with Cotton Citizen, it's time to change that. I was a little late to join the club, but after hearing my fellow editors sing the L.A.-based brand's praise time and again, I bought the Milan Sweatshirt. The first thing that struck me was how pretty the color options were. The brand keeps the classics but changes up the seasonal colors throughout the year. The next thing I noticed upon receiving my first one was how much more polished it was than your typical sweatshirt. It's also a bit pricier than your average sweatshirt, but the quality and versatility absolutely justify the price. With the mock turtleneck and slim fit, I think you could even get away with wearing it to work. I've yet to try anything else from Cotton Citizen's covetable line of knitwear and jeans, but based on the perfection of the Milan Sweatshirt, I'm planning my next purchase.

More sizes available here.

I actually first got these Paige Western boots in the snake print, which I loved so much that I decided to purchase the black pair for NYFW. Basic black shoes are something that I kind of forget to buy, truth be told. There are so many more exciting shoes to buy in the world, but I also have to remind myself that I wear black shoes more than any others in my closet. Long story short, I found myself in need of a pair that I'd actually be excited to wear, and I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy the Paige Willa boots in black. As I expected would be the case, I don't regret my decision in the least. They're truly one of the most comfortable pairs of boots I've ever owned, they look wildly expensive, and I love that they fit close to the ankle, so I can easily fit them underneath even skinny jeans.

This was another wise pre-trip purchase that I recently made, and I'm never looking back. I traveled to London a month ago, and I knew that sleeping on the plane was going to be in order, but the blankets the airline provides aren't really my speed. I'd heard plenty of chatter about White + Warren's travel wraps, and I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to invest in one. 

When the scarf arrived, I was instantly pleased by how soft and lightweight it was. I was also very impressed by how large it was when unfolded. It was an excellent stand-in for a blanket on the plane, and I wore it as a scarf throughout my trip. The bad thing is that now I want one in every color.

Let me preface by saying that I'm not really a cargo-pant girl. I'm more of a jean-and-dress girl if I have to narrow it down. But I'll pretty much buy anything Re/Done makes, so when I first saw its cool cropped cargo pants (and after I saw the cargo-pant trend all over the S/S 19 runways), I knew I needed them in my life. What I love about this particular pair is that they're actually very simple. I've worn them a ton since purchasing last fall (including to NYFW), especially with heels and something slightly cropped on top, as I find that they look cooler when the waistband is exposed a bit. I know that they'll transition perfectly into spring (they're pretty lightweight and very comfortable), and I look forward to pairing them with unexpected pieces like pretty pastels.

You've probably noticed that the statement-earring trend has eclipsed all other jewelry trends as of late, but cool pearls are quickly becoming the next big thing in the jewelry world. I've never been one to wear a classic string of pearls or pearl stud earrings, but cool pearls are a whole other thing. Freshwater pearls have an effortless look to them, and jewelry brands have been very busy using them in interesting and modern ways. I first chose to embrace the trend with these dainty pearl hoops by Catbird. They're delicate without being too delicate (I get tons of compliments on them, so they're clearly noticeable), and they look amazing in any combination, whether it's one in each ear, next to each other if you have double piercings, or just as a single if you like to mix and match. I've noticed that Catbird has sold out of them several times since first releasing them last year, so don't sleep on these beauties if you love them as much as I do.

Shop More Items I Feel Strongly About

The tie at the neck makes this already cool sweater very special.

This It bag keeps getting better. 

Meet my favorite striped T-shirt on the planet.

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Have you heard of this new brand? You have now.

We Who What Wear editors are basically the Agolde Pinch Jeans fan club.

I have this pretty coat in camel, and I get so many compliments on it.

I had Teva sandals before they were cool, but since they're in now, I want more.

This is a cheap thrill that I actually wear a ton.

Not a cheap thrill, but I also wear it a ton.

Just imagine all the ways you could wear these perfect hairclips.

I bought this in peach earlier this winter, and it's like wearing a stylish, cozy cloud.

Have you ever seen a prettier swimsuit? I have not.

Yes, this is an investment, but I think I've worn it over a hundred times.

Last summer's Instagram It shoes will most likely be this summer's Instagram It shoes too.

These are my newest pair of leggings, and I can't stress how much of an impact the cool waistband makes.

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