Yes, I Wrote 783 Words of Praise About These 5 Fashion Items

I'm going to keep this intro a bit brief, as I have a lot to say individually about the five fashion items that follow. Shopping is kind of my job, but I also just really love it and spend a good amount of time and energy finding cool new things to buy for myself. I love making recommendations based on personal experience, and from time to time, I come across things that are so amazing, I want everyone else to know about them too. That's why I'm personally vouching for these five things that I've been wearing constantly and that I'm not sure how I ever survived without. Feel free to read all 783 words about them or just add them to your cart if it's love at first sight. And just for fun, I included 16 more items that I'm very fond of (because the more shopping the better, right?).

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