I Always Shop For These 7 Things at Amazon, and Am Never Disappointed

POV: You venture into the virtual world of Amazon for something simple and non-fashion related (for me most recently, the quest was for gold forks), but you soon after find yourself sucked into the trap that is the website's endless offering of pretty much every wardrobe item you could ever need. Now, at once, there's five clothing and accessory pieces in your cart, minimum. Okay, maybe that's just me, but please tell me I'm actually not alone. 

I've become well acquainted with the leading e-tailer since March, as many others may have with moving our shopping habits almost entirely online. But honestly I'm completely satiated where this is concerned—Amazon has the best pieces for some of my favorite shopping categories, such as leggings and sunglasses. I figured you may be a little love-struck with the shopping platform as of late, too, so without further ado, here are my favorite types of items to shop from Amazon. When it comes to these pieces, I know I'll always find what I'm looking for.

Cozy Knits
Best knit sweaters on Amazon



I'm sure we can relate on this—knits are the jam this year. I love that Amazon isn't short of a ton of turtleneck options (they're my unwavering fave regardless of L.A. weather), but they also carry amazing knit dress options, too.

Pair this with a similar-colored knit undershirt, and you'll officially have nailed knit styling the 2020 way.

Staple Jackets
Best jackets on Amazon



I'm the kind of person who likes a healthy rotation of various jacket styles. Think puffers, then long puffers, leather, and wool trenches. I'm glad to report Amazon has them all.

This will upgrade virtually any outfit you pair it with.

This jacket comes in black, burgundy, and a few other color ways, but I particularly adore this neutral tone on tone pick. 

Everyone will want to know where you got this jacket.

Must-Have Dresses
Best dresses on Amazon



Amazon's dress selection literally covers every base—I'm talking gowns to nap dresses. I'm sticking to the cozy side when it comes to dress shopping these days, because (let's be honest) it's the easiest lazy way to chic dressing. 

Excuse me while I buy any and everything in this color. (I'm not joking.)

Brief intermission: My jaw dropped at this dress.

Trendy Sunglasses
Best sunglasses at Amazon



You'll definitely find your share of name brand sunglasses on Amazon, like Rayban, Oakley, and Quay, but I truly come for the takes on mega sunglasses trends from the site's smaller vendors (great prices, hello).

These sunglasses remind me of all of Bella Hadid's and Kendall Jenner's coolest outfits. So, I'm buying.

Just imagining looking like a badass wearing these and a black blazer.

You can pretty much bet on Amazon for any on trend sunglasses silhouette.

Everyday Shoes
Best shoes on Amazon



Truly, Amazon shoes have so much wear-on-repeat appeal. Their boot selection is supreme, and I'd say I'm really looking forward to spring in anticipation for indulging in their ultra trendy sandal offering.

These would look so good with leather trousers.

Imagine these with a cream-colored sweats set. Just saying.

Remember the trendy sandal offerings I mentioned? Case in point.

Go-To Leggings



I don't need much convincing to dip into a new pair of leggings, and Amazon provides for all occasions: joining the stirrup legging trend, trying out a knit iteration, or just investing in new workout apparel.

Olive-colored clothing is a life style at this point.

Just in case you like pretty mesh designs in your workout clothes.

You could pair these with an oversized tan sweater and tall beige boots.

As I mentioned, I'm totally into the stirrup trend.

Comfy Loungewear
Best loungewear on Amazon



You probably saw this coming, but lounge is one of Amazon's strongest suits. There's basically an endless selection of matching sets, sweats, lounge dresses and (well you get it), literally everything else at your fingertips.

I'll be lounging in this, running errands, and pretty much anything else that justifies throwing this comfy piece on.

Now that you're just as obsessed with Amazon as I am, check out their best selling basics right now.