These Are Officially the Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes

flats for brides: Kate Moss


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When it comes to someone's wedding day, there are countless hours spent picking out every little detail, from the right venue to the perfect dress to the invites that'll hit the mailbox. One important piece that often gets less than its fair share of attention, though? Shoes. While many will instinctively reach for heels, sometimes comfort is, in fact, the way to go for the big day, which is perhaps why flats are gaining popularity for weddings.

With everything from delicate lace slides and pearl-adorned slippers to scalloped sandals and crystal-embellished slides on the market, there’s a wide range of styles that feel just as special as heels. And while color choices like whites and nudes are no-brainers, shades like pastel pink, powder blue, and even navy can prove the perfect complement to a wedding look as well. What we’re trying to say here is that instead of standing around in uncomfortable heels all day, why not choose some shoes that you can take to the dance floor? Shop some of our favorite flats for brides below.