The Wedding Wardrobe: A Fantasy Capsule for All Brides-to-Be


(Image credit: Bettina Looney)

I'm getting married this September, and it's not the guest list or table plans that have the potential to turn me into a bridezilla. It's the amazing outfits that target me on Instagram every single day and sometimes make me wish I could squeeze in one more outfit change into the proceedings. I thought that I'd find it impossible to find a wedding dress I love, but I've actually had the opposite problem. 

The process of finding a wedding outfit has had a complete overhaul over the past few years, as many contemporary or fashion-forward designers have now entered the bridal space, giving more options to a less traditional bride. The likes of Rixo, Sleeper, The Vampire's Wife and Taller Marmo have offered up a more relaxed take on bridal looks but also cater to those who are having more than one event or several outfit changes. The best thing about some of these options is that while they might be in white or ivory, they aren't too "bridal," meaning you can wear them again and again.

I have created a "wedding wardrobe" for four brides-to-be: the party bride; the one getting married abroad; the minimal, fuss-free bride; and the one looking for some old-school glamour. Keep scrolling for my edit of amazing bridal pieces you can buy online.

The Flamboyant Party Bride

Old-School Glamour

Minimal and Fabulous

Destination, 3-Day Affair

Next up, the best bridal items you can buy online. 

Emma Spedding