Confirmed: This Is the Warmest Sweater


Collage Vintage

When dressing for the winter season, it’s easy to layer up with the warmest sweaters to make sure you stay comfortable. But before you reach for that cashmere cable-knit, you might want to reconsider the most effective type of knit that’ll keep you warm throughout the colder months. “I actually prefer alpaca to cashmere,” says Mandy Kordal, the founder and creative director of Kordal Studio, via email. “Alpaca fiber is luxurious and built to last for years to come. Softer than cashmere and stronger than sheep’s wool due to its hollow structure, the yarn stays firm but soft to touch.”

The best part? Kordal tells us that alpaca doesn’t absorb as much humidity and has natural heating and cooling capabilities to keep you cozy without overheating this season. “Alpaca is great for those with sensitive skin or sheep’s wool allergies as well,” she adds. Hypoallergenic and traps less dirt? It couldn’t get any better than that. Whether you’re wearing a lighter blend or layering with a chic turtleneck, an alpaca sweater is guaranteed to keep you warm.

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