I'm a VIP Nordstrom Stylist—My Clients Will Try These 9 Spring Trends First


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There are a few key stylists we like to turn to for fresh shopping and style inspirationSandy Koszarek is one of the said people. She works as a VIP stylist at Nordstrom, so her day-to-day job consists of helping her clients build out their wardrobes, explore their personal style, and test out new trends. On that note, we wanted to get a sense from Koszarek about the spring trends she's personally loving and will recommend to some of her clients first this season.

Below you'll uncover Koszarek's list of nine trends. You'll notice that everything coming your way is versatile, easy to style, and will add that of-the-moment feel to a wardrobe. Keep scrolling for more, including visual references and testimonials from Koszarek. There's also a range of shopping recommendations if something special catches your eye. 

1. Cutouts


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"Cutouts are trending in various silhouettes, from swimsuits to dresses. I recommend my clients look for cutouts at either the shoulder, waist, or back. After all, a little cutout goes a long way!"

2. Dreamy White Dresses

"Classic and always trending for spring is the white dress. It will never go out of style, in my opinion. I recommend a mid-length or maxi, but I suggest choosing one that best suits your style and feels comfortable wearing."

3. Statement and Embellished Shoes

"I like pretty shoes like strappy mules and heels with embellishments like crystals or pearls for spring. Whether it's a flat sole or platform, statement touches will make all the difference."

4. Wide-Leg and Flared Denim


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"Regardless of age, most of my clients are comfortable wearing straight-leg denim. So, for spring, I'm having them try wide and flare-leg denim as an alternative. I also suggest they wear heels to create an elevated look."

5. Bold Colors

"Bold pops of color are trending this season, and I'm encouraging my clients to add either orange, yellow, pink, or green to their everyday wardrobe. Try adding a colorful handbag or shoe if you need to ease into the color trend."

6. Retro Sneakers

"Sneakers are one of my go-to shoes for spring. I like wearing a retro style with denim and dresses to create a sporty look."

7. Wide-Leg Trousers


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"Wide-leg trousers are chic and comfortable. I suggest wearing a blazer and heels for an elevated look, and for a sportier look, try swapping a heel for a sneaker."

8. Maxi Dresses

"My clients are always looking for spring dresses this time of year, so I recommend the trendy maxi dress. Feminine and flirty, this dress style is perfect to wear on vacation and at home!"

9. White Denim

"White denim is a spring trend everyone can wear. I'm excited for my clients to try straight-leg and flare silhouettes. I suggest wearing a mule or sneaker with these styles."

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