I'm a VIP Nordstrom Stylist—These 6 Casual Staples Make My Closet All the Chicer


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Sandy Koszarek is considered an expert in the fashion space given her role as a VIP stylist at Nordstrom. She uses her style expertise to help her clients build out their wardrobes. For her wardrobe personally, she actually filled us in on the pieces she considers to be true staples because they're so versatile and they act as the foundational elements in her offering. Essentially, her closet feels chicer and wouldn't be the same without them.

Below, you'll uncover the list of Koszarek's essentials. While these are go-to items for her specifically, the edit could be used as inspiration if you're looking to expand your assortment. Keep scrolling for visual inspiration and testimonials from Koszarek, along with product recommendations to suit a range of styles.

Puffer Jacket


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"My casual wardrobe includes a trendy puffer jacket. This is my go-to on days off or when I want to feel put-together yet comfortable. I like wearing this style with my flared jeans or loungewear sets for easy, put-together looks."—Sandy Koszarek

Cashmere/Striped Sweater


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"I wear my sweaters nearly year-round, and my wardrobe wouldn't be the same without a favorite stripe or neutral color cashmere sweater. My go-to this season is layering them over a blouse or tying them around my shoulders."—Koszarek

Dark-Wash Denim


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"I could live in jeans! Of course, a casual wardrobe is not complete without denim. So this season, I'm reaching for dark-wash flared or straight-leg jeans styled with pointed-toe boots and a cashmere sweater."—Koszarek



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"My closet would not be the same without my favorite cardigans. I love the chic, put-together look of a longline cardigan styled with my high-waisted straight or flared jeans."—Koszarek

White Sneakers


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"Sneakers are a great way to make any outfit cool and casual. This season, I'll be wearing white sneakers with trousers and casual loungewear and an athletic style with high-waisted straight jeans. Plus, I hope to add a soccer style to my wardrobe soon!"—Koszarek



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"You can still have style and be comfortable with versatile athleisure and loungewear pieces; essential items in my casual wardrobe. This season I'll be wearing neutral monochromatic looks, including matching lounge sets, a puffer vest or jacket, and a hat to complete the look."—Koszarek

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