5 Reasons I'm Still Taking Style Lessons From Vicky Cristina Barcelona


Rex Features

If you can believe it,Vicky Cristina Barcelona came out 10 years ago on August 15, 2008. Although the storyline about Americans traveling abroad to Europe for the summer and the romance that follows was enough to draw me in, the outfits are what I’m personally invested in. Ten years later, I still remember those easy summer outfits that made me want to pack my suitcase and hop on a plane to Barcelona myself.

While Scarlett Johansson’s character is dressed in normcore basics like T-shirts and jeans, Penélope Cruz—who plays the fiery ex-wife in the movie—has a collection of satin nightgowns and gauzy cotton dresses on heavy rotation. Add sultry waves and unexpected hats, and you get the unforgettable outfits that still inspire me today. Ahead, I’m breaking down the reason style moments from the film had such a big impact on me.