This $18 Skin Product Has Truly Changed My Routine for the Better

It's a serum! It's a skin tint! It's actually skincare with makeup benefits. If you're confused by what I'm talking about, let me introduce you to my skin's new best friend: It's sheer, buildable, and mixable; has just the right amount of sheen; and feeds my skin very well. And, like any true BFF would, it also makes me want to try new things that I never would have considered a few years ago, like ditch my makeup entirely. Its name? Mood Lighting Luminizing Glow Drops ($18) from none other than Versed.

Versed Glow Drops review

This stuff is no joke. A few drops deliver that lit-from-within glow everyone wants come summer, but without big pieces of glitter or heavy shimmer that often make products look and feel too juvenile. It comes in two shades, Sheer Bronzed and Sheer Golden, both of which subtly illuminate skin while delivering a serious boost of antioxidants and hydration.

And when I say serious, I mean it—it's formulated with hyaluronic acid's more powerful relative, polyglutamic acid, which holds 4000 times more moisture than its own molecular weight. Not to mention it has blackberry extract, which is full of antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and defend against damage. (Side note: This ingredient gently exfoliates and leaves skin so smooth, too!) But arguably the best part is that over time, with regular use, these ingredients increase your skin's own natural moisturization factor, which improves surface hydration and maintains elasticity. I've only been using Luminizing Glow Drops for a few weeks now, but the shade Sheer Golden has quickly become a staple in my routine. Before I get into both shades, below is a picture of my skin without anything else on so you can really see how the soft-focus, light-reflecting pigments give skin a natural, radiant glow. 

Versed Glow Drops

As I mentioned above, Sheer Golden has really stolen my heart. The shade just feels really natural to me, and it soaks right into my skin and leaves it looking super glowy. You can use it a couple ways: as a makeup primer (it creates a silky-smooth canvas) or as the last step in your skincare routine. Below, you can see me wearing it on its own and with makeup. It's a subtle difference, but it was enough to make a few friends ask what I had been doing differently with my skin.  

Versed Glow Drops in Golden review

I wouldn't say I'm not a fan of Sheer Bronzed, because I totally am. Just look at the color: not a hint of orange, and when the light hits it, there are soft coppery undertones that I just love. But as you can see in my pictures, it makes me look much tanner than I am. Mixing it with my makeup helped lighten the color a bit, but it still felt a little too much. Even so, the sheer, smoothing finish made it so none of the product settled into any of my lines or texture, which I was worried about. I like the idea of having this on hand for when I do go on a beach vacation and get some more color, or perhaps for adding a drop to counteract the white cast of my hardcore sports sunscreen on a bare-faced day. 

Versed Glow Drops in Bronzed review

All in all, I'm a huge fan. As much as I love beauty products, I also love cutting down my routine, especially in the summer, and these magical drops help me do just that. 

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