Get That Effortless No-Makeup Look With These Hair-Growth Products



I don't know if I should admit this, but… I can count on my hands how many times I've put on makeup since shelter-in-place orders started in March. In the pre-pandemic world, I had a very subtle makeup vibe anyway: A dab of concealer under my eyes, a stroke of mascara on my lashes, and a swipe of moisturizing lip balm, and I'd be set for the day. So it's not like I've been skipping out on a major look for myself, but that hasn't stopped me from wishing I'd just done those little extra steps whenever I preview my face before logging onto a Zoom meeting. It doesn't seem like that's ever going to happen, though, so I'm looking to alternatives for getting my signature no-makeup-makeup look, without the makeup altogether.

Vegamour's plant-based line of hair-growth products for lashes, brows, and hair is exactly what I was hoping for. Unlike my makeup regimen, my skincare routine has, if anything, improved since going into lockdown, so applying a serum to my lashes, brows, and scalp after showering is as effortless as any rote habit. The brand uses fair-trade and hormone-free bio-active phytomolecules to open more hair follicles on the scalp and for longer periods of time, thus restoring and promoting more visible hair growth. In just four months of continued use, you'll see more hair density, volume, and length. Vegamour also promises reduced shedding and zero negative side effects. So whether you're looking for a way to simplify achieving a no-makeup look or giving more body to your head of hair, you'll want to check out Vegamour's line of hair growth products.




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