4 Simple Hairstyles for Every Type of Valentine's Day Celebration

Valentine’s Day—no matter how you’re planning on spending it—will always carry a unique quality with it. Blame it on the overall sense of “love in the air” or the never-ending supply of decorations and traditions that come with the Hallmark holiday, but we simply can’t see V-day without a pair of stylish rose-tinted glasses. And if you feel the same way, then a handful of Valentine’s Day hair ideas will be just what you need to add a hint of romance to any ensemble.

To give you effortlessly chic hairstyle ideas that are actually effortless, we turned to celebrity stylists Sunnie Brook and Jessica Elbaum for their expertise. From soft, touchable waves to an abundance of hair accessories, scroll down to see the looks they deem perfect for any Valentine’s Day activity—whether you’re spending an intimate evening with your S.O. or going out on the town with your friends.

Romantic Waves

"Valentine's Day hair should always be romantic and soft, not too stiff," says Elbaum. "You want your lover to be able to run their hands through your hair. Rsession makes the best hair waver. It creates soft, natural-looking waves that will last until brunch the next day. Mix in some KuscoMurphy bedroom hair to finish the look." 

 Give your loose waves an added touch of polish with an embellished headband for the romantic night.

 If you want a lived-in look to your waves, add a texturizing paste or powder to your strands' roots.

Polished waves hairstyle



When in doubt, you can give your hair sleek, coiffed waves with a round brush or a hot tool.

Effortless beach waves hairstyle



If you have finer hair, opt for a texturizing spray rather than a styling pomade or a paste to keep everything soft and touchable.

If you want to keep everything simple for the special night, opt for a curling iron like the Beachwaver, which will give your perfect waves in mere minutes.

All Wrapped Up

Sunnie Brook says that adding a gift wrapped–inspired element, such as a romantic scrunchie or a bow, is the perfect cheeky way to give a gift this holiday. 

A simple way to get the "wrapped up in a bow" look is through a luxe scrunchy, such as one made with organza.

Accent Accessories

Elbaum also reveals that hair accessories are an on-trend V-day look. "I've been finding the best hair jewels at Zara," she says. "Single clips for a subtle look, or a fabulous rhinestone headband for a statement piece. It's a great way to jazz up your waves or updo." 

Curly hair with hair clips



For those of you who still aren't over the hair-clip trend, Elbaum suggests this as the perfect way to dress up your hairstyles.

Heading out in a hurry? Just throw on a headband and you'll be set to go in seconds.

The Gift of Jewels

Rather than opting for traditional jewelry this Valentine's Day, Brook suggests that adding some glimmering embellishments will be a cool and unexpected way to incorporate the V-Day tradition into your ensemble.

One of the easiest ways to add a festive touch to your hair is with a set of jeweled pins.

Another option is with bobby pins that have gem embellishments or metallic styles that are meant to be seen.