19 Travel Accessories I Acquired This Year and Don't Know How I Lived Without

The most useful travel accessories



Like most people, I love getting out and seeing the world, but I don't always love the process of getting there, which is why I do things like sign up for TSA PreCheck, pay for early boarding or upgraded seats, and, yes, seek out the most useful travel accessories. I'm always on the hunt for new travel accessories (often on Amazon) that will make my life easier, and I've really found some gems this year. 

Between these tech, fashion, beauty, and packing items, I actually kind of look forward to heading to the airport (hey, any excuse to wear that cashmere travel wrap and take my new Away Expandable suitcase out for a spin). There was a time in my life when my travel accessory collection was basically nonexistent, but I've luckily learned that organization is the key to travel happiness. Scroll to shop the 19 items that just might help you achieve travel happiness too.  

Given that I'm a serial overpacker, hard-shell suitcases pose a bit of a challenge for me on lengthy trips. Away clearly gets me, as it just released a collection of expandable nylon suitcases that are just as chic as the rest of its luggage. It's a game changer.

In the past, I've tried to just not think about what's on hotel room floors (unsuccessfully), but since I finally started packing my own lightweight slippers, it's been quite enjoyable putting them on after a long day.

I don't know why it took me so long to buy a hairbrush that didn't take up a ton of room or snag my clothes, but that's changed. People praise this one for its detangling powers, and it simply folds up when not in use.

These are so effective at reducing the dreaded leg-and-feet swelling when flying. Pus, they're far more stylish than most compression socks. I work from home and sit a lot, so these have been a lifesaver in many ways.

This doubles as a cozy blanket, so it's a must, especially when I'm taking a red-eye or flying internationally. Plus, it comes in tons of colors. It's worth the splurge.

I'll never be brave enough to apply a face mask on a plane, but this hydrating, refreshing mist is even better, in my opinion. The name says it all.

If you're one of those people who pack more jewelry than they probably should when traveling, this Tumi Jewelry Roll is a beautiful way to keep it protected and organized.

A passport holder is obviously not a necessity, but I don't love the look of a worn-out passport, so I protect mine with a monogrammed one from The Daily Edited.

I've been traveling with a steamer for quite some time now, but this Scandinavian one I just discovered would be a serious upgrade. It's chic, compact, and gets the job done.

Little things like this can be hard to remember when packing, but it's so nice to be able to wash your face and apply products without sacrificing your hairstyle when traveling.

The reviews for this little mirror are so good, so it's easy to see why I was intrigued. I love that one side is magnifying and it's incredibly slim.

These pajamas have a lot going for them. Besides the fact that they're chic, they're so soft and take up hardly any room in a suitcase.

If you see me at an airport anytime soon, I'll probably have my hair in a silky scrunchie. I prefer to have my hair back when I travel, and these don't leave any creases.

I finally joined the packing-cube train last year and loved them so much that I decided I needed to buy this set too. The more packing cubes the merrier.

Digging in my carry-on duffle for my sunglasses all the time can get old, so I've been traveling with this Donni chain. Grandma-chic, don't you think?

As you know, some hotel room walls are thinner than others. You could also be stuck with a room right by the elevator, so it's always wise to pack some earplugs. 

I don't usually have time to hit the gym when I travel, but a jump rope is a perfect alternative. Even if I don't end up using it, it takes up minimal room in my suitcase, so no regrets.

I usually pack relatively small handbags when I travel, so I've been using a compact card case instead of a wallet. This one is the perfect size.

Last but not least, these aren't exactly groundbreaking, but I never forget to pack them. I hope to never cross paths with an earbud cord again.

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