The Best Under-$100 Things on the Internet Right Now (That Aren't From Zara)

Best Under 100 Shopping


Style du Monde 

Yes, affordable things exist outside of the Intidex network, and we're here to show you exactly what they are. While we certainly love shopping at Zara for those quick shopping fixes, it's nice to branch out every once in a while, and today, we're doing exactly that. I went ahead and scoured the internet to find the best product under $100 that (drumroll, please) isn't from Zara and shopped it out for you here. 

Keeping in mind both the current and coming seasons, the assortment of goodies ahead is certainly enticing thanks to their price and their look. From H&M to Pixie Market and back again, have fun shopping these sweet little treasures as you relax on your couch on this lovely Sunday morning. 

You'll be needing the top as well.

Neon isn't over, and this affordable top is the 2020 way to style the trend, hands down. 

Sometimes wearing a hoodie is inevitable, so at least make it cute.

Is it just me or do these jeans look too perfect to be true?

I own these and get so many compliments on them. 

The perfect party dress at a price that can't be beaten.  

Even though it's winter, we can dream of summer. 

Finally, ballet flats that are actually interesting. 

This is worth buying just so that when your friends ask where it's from you can say "Amazon" and watch their jaws drop. 

The kind of shoes you'll be able to wear to any occasion. 

I've said it once and I'll say it again—sweater vests are trending. 

Love a pair of shoes that look really expensive but aren't. 

Treat yourself to a fancy pair of underwear. You deserve it. 

Miniskirts don't come more perfect than this. 

Last but not least, this chunky gold ring that you'll never want to take off. 

Next up, discover the 2020 way to style all of your leggings

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