Your Closet Called—It Needs These Under-$100 Shoes

Since I was a little kid, my mom has always told me I'm hard on shoes. I'd go through pairs of my little-girl Converse so quickly she eventually just stopped buying them for me. I wish I could say I've gotten better at my shoe care, but the truth is, I am hard on my shoes and I've just come to accept it as fact. If it's unclear what I mean, basically I wear my shoes so often and recklessly that I only get about an average six-month lifespan out of any pair.  

So if a pair of shoes is only going to last me roughly a year, I'm probably not going to spend an exorbitant amount of money on them. It took me a bit to realize this was probably my best plan of action because let's be real, it's hard to resist investing in a really nice pair of shoes. But I try not to spend a lot on shoes meaning I've become an excellent budget shopper. Below I've rounded up my current under-$100 favorite pairs that are guaranteed to make their way into my closet sometime soon. Keep scrolling to check them out.


These all white Cortezs are the minimalist's dream.

The patent leather detail really sets these apart.

I can personally attest to these being the most comfortable shoes I own.

The fact that these are under $100 is almost unbelievable. 

Go ahead, give yourself a few extra inches.

Dr. Martens are very popular amongst the fashion set right now.

An everyday black heel for any occasion. 

You might not think you need a red leather slide in your closet, but trust me, you do.

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