This Hydrating Beauty Product Is Seriously Transforming My Skin

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Out of all of the things I’ve gotten into while staying at home—reading, playing piano, cooking—I’d have to say my favorite thing has to be skincare. Sure, I’ve always appreciated it, but I’ve never been as into it as some of my co-workers. Perhaps it’s because I have ample time in the morning to just sit in front of the mirror and really analyze my face instead of sprinting out the door after rushing through my routine.

Before the Q, I had pretty normal skin, but recently, things have gone a little downhill. Maybe it’s the L.A. heat and the fact that my fan is blasting directly on me at all times (welcome to my life without AC), but my complexion has definitely seemed dull and dry. That was until a few weeks ago…


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Enter U Beauty's Super Smart Hydrator, the mega-moisturizer that's changing my skin for the better. If you hadn't already fallen in love with U Beauty from its now-coveted Resurfacing Compound (aka the tightening, brightening, and adored-by-beauty-gurus-everywhere product), let me tell you: I'm about to put you onto something great.

The Super Smart Hydrator is a luxurious formula that uses the brand's patent-pending Hydra-Siren Capsule, which provides instant hydration—that actually lasts—to the deepest layers of skin. This is all thanks to the five unique types of hyaluronic acid it's formulated with, which helps powerful anti-aging actives penetrate deep into the skin, too.

Even after only a few weeks of using it, my skin looks plump and boasts that dewy post-facial glow from morning to night. So, if you’re in the market for an editor-approved wonder product, you’re going to want to add this to your cart.

Psst: Want to experience the magic of both products? U Beauty has an exclusive offer for Who What Wear readers. Receive a free deluxe sample of the Resurfacing Compound when you purchase the Super Smart Hydrator. Shop now.

Anneliese Henderson
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