Your Next Sneaker Purchase, According to Your Zodiac

Whether you're a gym-only sneaker wearer or an all-day, every-day kind of person, there's no doubt that the shoes are a staple in your wardrobe. They certainly are in ours. And, just like with any other style staple, we always have our eye out for our next pair of sneakers. Will we be adding a sleek and simple pair to our closet next, or a fun, trendy pick?

This time around, we decided to take the thinking out of it. Instead, we're looking to the stars for insight into the future of our footwear collection. Although our horoscopes can't really tell the future, the time of year when we were born can certainly inform our personal tastes. Just below, we've pinpointed exactly which type of sneakers you'll own next, based on your zodiac sign. (Feel free to let us know how accurate we were after your next shopping trip.)


Match your fun-loving and creative personality to a pair of sneakers that's as playful as your own personal style. You won't be able to resist the rosy metallic details on this pair.


There's no part of your compassionate, soft side that won't immediately fall in love with the genius way Adidas figured out how to make sneakers from recycled ocean plastic.


Bold and fiery, your outspoken nature will identify with these attention-grabbing sneakers.


Ever the grounded, pragmatic Earth sign, you're careful to shop for quality investment pieces first and foremost. This clean and simple pair is surprisingly affordable and will go with everything you own. It's a win-win.


The duality in your sign means you prefer to switch up your style depending on your mood, rather than stick with any one style. Embrace of-the-moment trends like chunky-sole sneakers. This pair is actually just as versatile as your own style, so feel free to wear to the gym and beyond.


Your more romantic side will love the rosy shade of these sneakers. I mean, they're just too pretty to pass up.


You bring an infectious energy with you wherever you go, so translate that vibe into a pair of sneakers that's just as exuberant as you are. Pink corduroy, thick laces, and the frilly edge all make this a must-have pair.

Available in Italian sizes 36 to 37.


Smart, intelligent, and technical—hallmarks of your personality and descriptors we'd use to describe these sleek, but ultimately functional, sneakers.


Admit it, Libra—you love something luxurious. So you'll have a soft spot for this green velvet pair from a celeb-approved brand.


No one will mess with you when you wear this sleek and tonal pair of sneakers, and that's just the way you want it.


You're optimistic and spontaneous, meaning you'll fall in love with these cool sneakers at first sight and buy them on the spot because that's always how you make your big purchases. No regrets, though.


You're a responsible planner, Capricorn. It's likely you've saved up for this pair, so it's finally time to invest in them. They're timeless, classic, and oh so versatile, so you'll literally wear them everywhere.

Next, see what else your zodiac sign wants you to wear.

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