7 Turtleneck-and-Dress Combos You Need to Try

The way I see it, there’s nothing not to love about the turtleneck-and-dress combo. First, it’s an out-of-the-box way to layer in the colder months when, with each passing day thinking of a new, weather-appropriate outfit gets harder and harder and everything starts to look the same. Second, it gives you a new way to make use of your dresses that would otherwise be impossible to wear in the cold, thus bringing down the cost-per-wear and making you feel better and better about the purchase. Last, simply put: Everyone looks chicer in a turtleneck—amirite

On that note, scroll through to shop seven fresh turtleneck-and-dress combos you need to try!

Which look was your favorite? We can’t wait to try the sequin top and black dress pairing. Tell us in the comments!

Opening Image: Vanessa Jackman