Two Black Founders Share the Cult-Loved Skincare Brands They Can't Stop Using


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There are a ton of great beauty and wellness brands out there on the market, and once in a while, I'll come across one that really speaks to me. When I discovered Trywell, I was immediately excited by the brand's mission but was equally as enthusiastic to discover that every formula is $25 or less. It isn't easy to find quality vitamins at an affordable price, so I think the brand is worth checking out based on this sentiment alone. However, the brand is also doing important work for the Black community, and its easily digestible gummies are downright delicious. I spoke to the brand's founders, mother-son duo Kathy and Tashon Thompson, about their favorite formulas from the brand and the cult-loved skincare products they love using morning and night. Keep on reading!

More About Trywell


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Trywell is, first and foremost, a Black-centered health and wellness brand. "We started the brand during COVID after seeing how disproportionately African Americans were being affected and the lack of knowledge in the community," say founders Kathy and Tashon Thompson. They've developed the brand to specifically address the nutritional shortfalls often faced by people of color, specifically African Americans. "With significant and disproportionate health disparities in African American communities, providing vital supplements to fill these nutritional gaps left unmet by the daily diet is essential," they say. "[We] aim to not only highlight and eradicate this devastating cultural healthcare divide but to also do everything possible to promote healthful living as part of the overall beauty, resilience, identity, and plight of the Black experience."

Kathy and Tashon's Favorite Trywell Formulas

Tashon's Favorite Skincare Products

Kathy's Favorite Skincare Products

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