These Basics Have a Little Something Extra, and I Think They're So Chic

Basics are the backbones of our wardrobes. Given their highly versatile nature, they can be mixed and matched with a variety of trendier pieces to create those well-balanced looks. While there are key winter basics like crewneck sweaters and straight-leg jeans, there are also a range of, let’s just say, next-level basics that are entering the spotlight in a major way.

Here, we’re talking about those pieces that are simple and easy to style, but have a little something extra. Below, you’ll uncover a range of imagery showcasing how fashion people are wearing these “basics with a twist.”

Keep scrolling for more. Oh, you'll also find a smattering of inspired shopping finds sprinkled throughout as well.

1. Open-Back Knits

Trendier basics: open-back sweater



A turtleneck is a fall and winter staple. The open back detail brings a forward twist to the silhouette.

2. Sweater-Vests

Trendy basics: sweater-vest



While sweater-vests are certainly of-the-moment, they could also fall in the basics category given that they can be styled with a smattering of items to create chic outfits.

3. Faux-Leather Pants

Leather pants would fall into that next-level basics category. They're statement-making yet still subtle because they can really act as a foundational piece in a wardrobe.

4. Asymmetrical Long-Sleeved Tops

Those simple long-sleeved tops will always be a staple, but it's those silhouettes that have an asymmetrical detail at the neckline that are trending hard right now.

5. Cropped Blazers

Trendier basics: cropped blazer



In the blazer realm, cropped styles feel fresh and chic for the season.

6. Knit Polos

One of the key trendy basics of the season would undoubtedly be the knit polo top. It's classic yet current, and looks perfect with trousers, jeans, or skirts.