I'm Losing It Over These 38 Trendy Summer Finds, and They're All Under $100

trendy summer shopping under $100


Lisa Says Gah; Pictured: Donni Silky Tube Top ($98)

What is it about the arrival of summer that makes me want to try out every random and trendy fashion buy I come across? Everyone's style shifts depending on the season, and the moment truly hot weather hits, I eschew my tailored neutrals and plain basics for more experimental pieces and trendy items more willingly than I typically do. Something about summer's free-spirited vibe just makes me want to wear the brightest colors, coolest cutout pieces, and most attention-getting accessories. This year is no exception.

Now that retailers have begun to drop their summer collections, I've spent my time scrolling through page after page of trendy new arrivals (all in the name of research!), and I simply can't hold in my excitement any longer. I'm straight-up losing it over these 38 fun summer buys. Continue on to see everything that's getting me excited for summer, from colorful beaded necklaces to lime-hued shorts sets—all delightfully under $100. Happy shopping!

I'll quit cutouts when they stop getting cooler.

Such a small investment for a potentially outfit-making addition.

This screams "repeat wear" since it goes with everything from trousers to denim shorts.

Obviously, I want the matching shorts, too.

In case you want to match with Hailey Bieber. (Who doesn't?)

The back of this dress is enough to sell me on it.

I'll be in my tube-top era all summer.

This makes me want to book a trip to Southern Italy just so I can wear it. (Yes, there's a matching top.)

Regardless of trends, I'll always have a few delicate white tops in my closet for summer.

When it qualifies as a trend piece and a basic.

Easy to wear with a little something "extra."

This is how I plan to wear the relaxed-tailoring trend this summer.

Well, this looks designer.

Cargo everything—please and thank you.

Another tube top I'm convinced I need in my closet.

Did I just stumble across the next pair of It sneakers?

This underneath a button-down shirt is what I'll wear on coffee runs all season.

I find it harder to look polished in the summer, but this top makes it easy.

The brand every It girl is wearing RN.

I did it. I found Zara's most expensive-looking dress. You're welcome.

I had to do a double take to make sure I was reading the price correctly.

Mango has the best dupe for Gwyneth Paltrow's Great Expectations outfit right now.

Basket bags never go "out," but they're having an even bigger moment this summer.