30 Trendy Nordstrom Buys Fashion People Are Freaking Over in 2023



It's 2023 and per usual, Nordstrom is proving it can be your one-stop shopping destination for everything from basics to bedding to designer goods. As someone who has to be a great shopper for a living, I pride myself on finding all the hidden gems at places that stock insane amounts of products. So today, sit back and relax as I give you the download on the trendiest items at Nordstrom that fashion girls are currently obsessing over. 

This roundup will feature a ton of one of my personal favorite trends—maxi skirts—plus a plethora of must-have designer It items, affordable luxe-looking basics, and much more. This year is definitely shaping up to have a certain sartorial aesthetic, and if you add any of the below to your shopping carts, I can assure you you'll look just as in the know as the most stylish fashion girls out there.

This tailored maxi skirt is looks desigener. 

Update your 2023 blazer collection with one that is nipped at the waist. 

Prepare to see this green hue everywhere this year. 

This dress is the lazy girl's guide to the Canadian tuxedo. 

If you're looking for an It bag that will really impress, look no further. 

If you want to update your basics, layer them. Or, buy this pre-layered Givenchy version. 

For some reason, this jacket looks insanely expensive. 

The girlies will be dreaming of these. 

Yes, these are the most perfect slingbacks. 

Bombers are the outerwear choice of the season.

If you've been debating whether or not to buy this, we suggest you take the plunge this year.

This is truly the only time I've considered spending a lot of money on a belt. 

COS can do no wrong in the trouser department. 

Pair these with red socks for a fun punch. 

Trust me, this skirt will update your winter wardrobe in seconds flat. 

The brand It girls are falling madly in love with. 

Western details are about to take over this year.

Metallic shoes are all anyone can talk about right now.

I hate cargo pants but love these.

Everyone still loves a platform Ugg.

See? Pillow bags will be the ultimate showstoppers. 

Prada and pillows will have a major moment this year. 

One more off-the-shoulder dress before you go.